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Used Cooking Oil Recycling | Grease Trap Cleaning

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KP Waste Disposal Service is an environment friendly company with the sole mission of making sure our communities are cleaner, greener.


Allow us to take your waste cooking oil and turn it into something more. Our mission is to protect the environment. We collect, clean and recycle your waste cooking oil. 


Top of the line equipment, and the most efficient and professional staff is what makes the difference. Call us and see how we provide you with the best service in the industry. We worry about your waste needs so you can focus on your business needs. 

Whether you are a neighborhood bar and grill or a national chain, we will develop a reliable pickup schedule and maintenance plan tailored specifically for your business. We are devoted to providing you with the best service no matter the size of your business. 


We collect your used cooking oil for FREE. call us now


​Why KP Waste Disposal

We service the 5 boroughs of New York City as well as Westchester. Call us and you will experience the difference in our service. We care about your business success. 

  • Fully licensed and insured (BIC # TW-2084).

  • NYC's largest and most well-maintained fleet.

  • Automatic scheduling.

  • Best response time in the business.

  • ​Professional and reliable service

  • Great record keeping (so you avoid fines).

  • All cooking oil goes to local biodiesel.

KP Waste disposal can collect oil from your existing system, and or provide you with durable, dependable storage containers free of charge. Our drivers know the condition of our containers, and we routinely inspect all sites that we service. 

Do's and Don't of Oil Disposal From KP Waste Disposal Services Inc.

DON'T Pay a fine for allowing unlicensed individual to collect your oil

DON'T pour oil or grease down the drain

DON'T wash cooking oil or grease from dishes, pots, and pans down the drain
DON'T wash food remains down the drain

DO place cooled oil and grease in sealed containers
DO wipe down dishes, pots and pans to remove oil and grease before washing; dispose of paper towels in the trash
DO dispose of all food scraps and dishes and cookware into the trash

DO keep waste oil separated from any water or other liquids

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